🙌 Today we are proud to announce that next June 16th in Coimbra, Qubiotech will participate as partners in the presentation event of an exciting new project on #PET technology: The Gallaecia POCTEP Project.

🧠 The Gallaecia POCTEP Project unites Portuguese and Galician entities to enhance PET medical imaging capabilities. By integrating research centers, hospitals, universities, and companies, we aim to advance PET technology in both regions. Our focus includes developing high-resolution PET equipment for neurological disease detection and therapy research. We prioritize innovation through the creation of cutting-edge instrumentation and software solutions. Additionally, we offer new services like PET radiopharmaceutical production and pre-clinical research units. In particular, Qubiotech will bring innovation thanks to our expertise in AI-assisted medical image analysis.

🧑‍⚕️👨‍💻 Collaboration and communication are key, as we foster partnerships, expand our network, and encourage joint research projects. Together, we strive to redefine PET possibilities and revolutionize healthcare.

✨ Stay tuned for more exciting news!