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Assistant for brain PET quantification

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Neurocloud PET is the software for the quantitative analysis of brain PET images, which provides professionals in neurology and nuclear medicine with automatic assistance in the diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative diseases. 

In PET FDG Neurocloud-PET imaging it is possible to identify regions with abnormal metabolism by means of a comparative analysis against an extensive database of normals, stratified by age. An analysis based on regions of interest, asymmetries and parametric statistical analysis (voxel to voxel) is performed.

In PET Amyloid imaging the SUVR and result values (positive / negative amyloid) are provided comparing with validated thresholds. 

Neurocloud provides quantitative information on the analysis as well as images that show the results of the analysis on the PET, fused with an anatomical image.

PET Ayuda en medicina nuclear Proporciona de forma automática información visual

Help in nuclear medicine

It automatically provides visual and quantitative information on hypometabolism and hypermetabolism in FDG PET and SUVR values in Amyloid PET.

PET Ayuda en neurología Facilita la identificación de los patrones de diferentes enfermedades neurodegenerativas

Help in neurology

It facilitates the identification of the patterns of different neurodegenerative diseases and allows the rapid review of cases.

Help in diagnosis and follow-up

Independent of the observer

Eliminates inter-observer differences between specialists. Enables you to move from a subjective working model to an objective model based on observer-independent data.


Automatic processing and results in minutes. Connectivity with PACS systems for seamless integration with your workflow.


It identifies neurodegeneration in the early stages of the disease thanks to one of the most extensive PET-FDG databases of normal individuals on the market.

All in one

It integrates all the necessary resources for the diagnosis:
results in images, data tables and interactive viewer.

Neurocloud PET: Quantification of metabolisms and amyloid accumulation in PET imaging

> PET and MRI / CT fusion> Comparison with normal databases> Analysis by regions of interest, asymmetries and voxel-to-voxel> Intensity normalization> Hypometabolisms and hypermetabolisms> Symmetry analysis

100% Compatible with your equipment and PACS

Fast, intuitive and fully automated

Invisible integration in clinical practice

Continuous and free updates

Continuous and personalized assistance

Hiring adapted to your needs

Clinically validated, CE marked

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