Find out how our NEUROCLOUD platform works. We offer the best results in neuroimaging analysis and favor early diagnoses.

Artificial Intelligence in the Health System: Qubiotech, augmented neuroimaging.

QUBIOTECH is already the answer for a simple, automatic, fast and precise integration of biomarkers in routine clinical practice. Thanks to our NEUROCLOUD platform, we were able to drastically reduce neuroimaging analysis times, provide better results for the same team, favor early diagnoses and facilitate the transformation of data into information for the Health System. We are the bridge to the real integration in the day to day of Artificial Intelligence and all its advantages. NEUROCLOUD is already present in reference hospitals in Spain and Portugal, having carried out more than 4,000 successful analyzes.

SEMNIM & Qubiotech Webinar: PET Biomarkers in Dementias.

What advantages does it bring to the quantification of PET biomarkers? What techniques are used today and what is their rationale? What tools allow us to use it in our usual clinical practice? Discover these and other questions in an informative and practical session on what you should know for the best application of the latest techniques in PET biomarker extraction, from the hand of SEMNIM and 3 experts in the field.

Neuroimaging Biomarker Quantification Applications in Clinical Practice.

Monday 28 June 2021
17:00 – 18:15

Augmented Imaging with Neurocloud

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