Neuroimaging biomarkers
for routine clinical practice

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Neurocloud is a cloud platform for the automatic processing of neuroimaging assisted by Artificial Intelligence. An ecosystem of applications that covers image analysis needs in:


Nuclear medicine


Neurocloud benefits

Neurocloud Totalmente automático Neurocloud realiza las tareas rutinarias por ti

Facilitates early diagnoses and accurate follow-ups

Neurocloud immediately provides quantified biomarkers that allow the identification of abnormalities where the human eye is unable to appreciate deviations, facilitating early detection and patient monitoring, avoiding biases, and reducing the rate of false negatives.

Fully automatic

Neurocloud performs routine tasks for you. You can send the images directly from your PACS to the Neurocloud platform and let our AI processor do the routine work for you, to obtain in minutes the results that until now could take hours.

Neurocloud facilita diagnósticos precoces y seguimientos precisos
Neurocloud trabajo en equipo


Neurocloud is ideal for clinical sessions, with teams in any location, to share, discuss and make decisions based on objective image analysis.

100% compatible with your technology

Whatever your scanner, PACS or computer system. Access at any time and from any device in a totally secure way.

Continuous and personalized assistance

We accompany the client on a day-to-day basis, offering support on a case-by-case basis. We are at your disposal to assist you in a continuous and personalized way.

Multimodal “all-in-one” solution

For neurologists, radiologists and nuclear physicians. A single platform to serve different specialties and needs.

Continuous and free updates

Continuously improving our solutions, incorporating new functionalities and improving existing ones at the request of physicians.

Neurocloud Solutions

logo neurocloud-pet, Qubiotech

Automatic quantification of hypo and hypermetabolism and amyloid PET. Use in neurology, nuclear medicine and radiology.

logo neurocloud-siscom, Qubiotech

Automatic ictal and interictal SPECT subtraction and co-registration with MRI for very precise localization of the epileptogenic focus. Use in epileptology.

logo neurocloud-vol, Qubiotech

Volumetric analysis for the quantification of atrophy and lesions in MR imaging.

logo neurocloud-spect, Qubiotech

Quantitative analysis of DaT-SPECT image (123I-ioflupane / FP-CIT) for the diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s disease.

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