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Quantitative DaT-SPECT image analysis (123I-ioflupane / FP-CIT) for the diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s disease.

Our software provides uptake values in the dopamine receptors of the caudates and putumes by calculating the SBR ratio with respect to a non-specific region located in the occipital area, together with the asymmetry index between cerebral hemispheres.

Patient measured values are compared to an age-stratified database of healthy controls based on imaging studies published under the PPMI (Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative) project. ).

As a result of the analysis with Neurocloud-SPECT, you will obtain a results report with visual and quantitative information that you can easily share with your collaborators.

SPECT Ayuda en medicina nuclear Medida automática de la captación DaT mediante el cálculo del indicador SBR y de los índices de asimetría en caudados y putámenes

Help in nuclear medicine

Automatic measurement of the DaT catchment by calculating the SBR indicator and the asymmetry indices in caudates and putumes. Assessment of the results by comparing analysis with a database of healthy subjects. Longitudinal study that facilitates patient follow-up.

SPECT Ayuda en neurología Información visual y cuantitativa estructurada en un informe fácilmente configurable para una rápida interpretación de los resultados

Help in neurology

Visual and quantitative information structured in an easily configurable report for quick interpretation of the results. It complements the qualitative evaluation of the images with reliable data.

Help in diagnosis


Detect the loss of dopamine receptors through the quantitative and comparative analysis of your DaT-SPECT images

Independent of the observer

Quantitative analysis eliminates inter-specialist variability for a more robust assessment of imaging findings


All the necessary resources for the diagnosis in a single tool that allows interactive 3D visualization of DaT-SPECT images and the generation of customizable reports integrating numerical and visual information.


Automatic processing and obtaining results in less than 5 minutes.
Connectivity with PACS systems
for seamless integration with your workflow.

Neurocloud SPECT: Quantification of DaT SPECT images

Segmentation of putumes and caudates> Calculation of SBR against a reference region> Calculation of asymmetry between cerebral hemispheres> Comparison against a database of healthy controls

100% Compatible with your equipment and PACS

Fast, intuitive and fully automated

Invisible integration in clinical practice

Continuous and free updates

Continuous and personalized assistance

Hiring adapted to your needs

Clinically validated, CE marked

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