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Neurocloud Platform

Neurocloud - procesado de neuroimágenes
Neurocloud is the space where augmented neuroimaging processing and teamwork go hand in hand.

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Neurocloud increases the efficiency and productivity of your resources. Maximizing diagnostic security and facilitating workflow optimization.

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Plataforma Neurocloud

Neurocloud Advantages


  • Reduction of false negatives (20% average according to medical literature) *
  • Less need for second opinions
  • Facilitates the unification of criteria to request imaging tests


  • Time reduction between image acquisition and report preparation
  • Better time planning
  • Increased productivity and useful life of scanners


  • Reduction of waiting lists
  • Quantitative monitoring of the evolution of the disease
  • As no contrast is needed, MRI can be done in kidney patients

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Soluciones Neurocloud

logo neurocloud-pet, Qubiotech

Automatic quantification of hypo and hypermetabolism and amyloid PET. Use in neurology, nuclear medicine and radiology.

logo neurocloud-siscom, Qubiotech

Automatic ictal and interictal SPECT subtraction and co-registration with MRI for very precise localization of the epileptogenic focus. Use in epileptology.

logo neurocloud-vol, Qubiotech

Volumetric analysis for the quantification of atrophy and lesions in MR imaging.

logo neurocloud-spect, Qubiotech

Quantitative DaT-SPECT image analysis (123I-ioflupane / FP-CIT) for the diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s disease.

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