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It allows to accurately and fully automatically identify the epileptogenic focus in epilepsy patients.

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The software performs co-registration of SPECT images with the patient’s MRI. Subsequently, the subtraction of the interictal SPECT image is applied to the ictal image and the epileptogenic area is identified on the MRI image.

The SISCOM procedure is recommended by the EANM in the study of epilepsy, and provides a sensitivity greater than 80% and a specificity greater than 75% in the location of the epileptogenic focus.

The results of Neurocloud – SISCOM consists of a parametric map of the voxels identified as an epileptogenic zone on MRI, data tables with the maximum Z-Score for each region of interest ( ROI) as well as the percentage of focus overlap and the SPECT-MRI fusion image.

SISCOM Ayuda en epileptología Identifica el foco epileptogénico de forma rápida y precisa.

Help in epileptology

Identify the epileptogenic focus quickly and accurately.

SISCOM Ayuda en neurología. Procedimiento de sustracción de SPECT ictal y co-registro con RM

Help in neurology

The ictal SPECT subtraction procedure and MRI co-registration demonstrate a sensitivity greater than 80% and a specificity greater than 90% in the location of the epileptogenic focus.

Help in diagnosis and follow-up

Independent of the observer

Eliminates inter-observer differences between specialists. Enables you to move from a subjective working model to an objective model based on observer-independent data.


Automatic processing and results in minutes. Connectivity with PACS systems for seamless integration with your workflow.


The SISCOM procedure provides a sensitivity above 80% in the location of the epileptogenic focus.

All in one

It integrates all the necessary resources for the diagnosis:
results in images, data tables and interactive viewer.

Neurocloud SISCOM: ICtal and interictal SPECT subtraction with MRI

> Co-registration of ictal and interictal SPECT> Subtraction. Ictal and interictal imaging> Visually identify the epileptogenic zone (EZ)

100% Compatible with your equipment and PACS

Fast, intuitive and fully automated

Invisible integration in clinical practice

Continuous and free updates

Continuous and personalized assistance

Hiring adapted to your needs

Clinically validated, CE marked

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