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Now available! Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications in Multiple Sclerosis (Spanish).
June 17, 2022

? Now available in open! MRI applications in MS, a SERAM (Spanish Society of Medical Radiology) webinar supported by Qubiotech, available on our YouTube channel for everyone. ? YouTube Qubiotech – EM applications in MRI (SERAM webinar) ? 3 experts in the clinical practice of neurology and neuroradiology. ??⚕️ +70 minutes with real experiences. ? +100 attendees from 11 different countries.

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SEN Webinar: Neuroimaging Quantification Applications in Clinical Practice.
July 21, 2021

Finally available! The first session of the Spanish Society of Neurology in collaboration with Qubiotech on Quantification of Biomarkers in Neuroimaging held on June 28 is now available to everyone for free. In it, Doctors Jordi A. Matias-Guiu and Pablo Aguiar-Fernández try to answer the following questions through fundamentals and practical cases: What are the advantages of quantifying #PET and #RM biomarkers? What techniques are currently used and what is their basis? What tools allow us to use them in our usual clinical practice? How does all this apply in real cases? Access this link and after free registration, you…

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SEMNIM & Qubiotech Webinar: PET Biomarkers in Dementias.
April 10, 2021

Applications of #Biomarkers # PET in Dementias, the successful official SEMNIM webinar with the technical support of Qubiotech, now available online for everyone! ? ? 1 unique event.?‍⚕️ 3 experts in the field of PET Biomarkers.?‍? 120 minutes of fundamentals, applications and practical cases.? 140 simultaneous viewers from Spain, Mexico, France … What are the advantages of PET biomarker quantification? What techniques are used today and what is their rationale? What tools allow us to use it in our usual clinical practice? We hope you enjoy it … Stay tuned for upcoming news …

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