Cloud-based medical imaging quantification software


Automatic neuroimaging processing for daily clinical routine

Nuclear Medicine Physicians

Neurocloud PET delivers quantitative PET analysis and PET/MRI or PET/CT co-registration in few minutes.

Quantitative evaluation is recommended to assist the nuclear medicine physician in reporting brain FDG-PET patterns in neurodegenerative conditions.


Neurocloud VOL provides fully automatic MRI brain segmentation and volumetric information against a database of more than 800 patients.

The quantification of atrophy is currently considered a valid biomarker for the diagnosis and evaluation of neurodegenerative diseases.


Neurocloud SISCOM automatizes SISCOM, a procedure showing more than 80% sensitivity according to literature.

Refractory epilepsy surgery demands highest as possible precision in the epileptogenic focus localization


Neurocloud intuitive yet comprehensive reports give you all the quantitative and visual information you need to focus on abnormal brain areas.

Work efficiently with imaging specialists to improve your diagnostic.


Neurocloud is compatible with any scanner and IT facilities.

Increase the efficiency of your current human & technical resources without upfront investments.

How does Neurocloud work?

Neurocloud is an easy, fast and secure online platform hosting fully automatic multimodal image processing algorithms, in just 4 steps.

Drag and Drop

Fast upload of PET/SPECT/MR/CT images, totally secure, thanks to our image anonymization procedure

Image co-registration

Neurocloud co-registers all the images provided by the user for an optimal visual analysis.

Image quantification

The image is quantified both in an atlas-based approach and using a voxel-by-voxel comparison against a database of healthy subjects.

Custom Reports

In 5 minutes the doctor can evaluate the results online and get a complete report attached to the medical history

Other services

Image analysis solutions tailored to your needs

Clinical trials

We offer tailored solutions for research studies and clinical trials that allow you to focus on what really matters. Centralize and standardize your image reporting and analysis in Neurocloud for more consistent and realiable results across sitess

Custom software development

Qubiotech is an authorized medical devices manufacturer with advanced expertise in medical imaging software development and clinical information analysis. Tell us about your project and we will be happy to help you!

R+D Projects

Qubiotech has a skilled R+D team with a solid publication track record of high impact factor papers. We are active players in national and European projects in the field of neuroimaging. We are open to join consortiums for developing medical imaging projects.


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