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Welcome to Qubiotech’s website. We are aimed at developing automated neuroimaging quantification software for the clinical routine.

Fast, accurate and ready to use.

Qubiotech, a company
born at a hospital

As most of us, Qubiotech was born at a hospital. The company was originated from molecular imaging researchers focusing at allowing physicians to use advanced quantification tools in the clinical routine setting.

We are aimed at developing and marketing image quantification software to support clinical decisions.

Our mission is to improve the diagnosis of neurological diseases and with it to improve the social and economic efficiency of the healthcare system.

our team

Pedro Arenas



Daniel Fernández

General Manager


Jesús Silva



Pablo Aguiar

Scientific advisor


Eladio Crego

Financial advisor


Eduardo Alonso

Computer engineer


IQ-Brain, our solution for brain PET quantification

IQ-Brain is an online tool designed to complement the visual analysis of PET images, assisting the physician and improving diagnostic accuracy. Our software supports the diagnosis by automatizing quantitative PET analysis and PET/MRI co-registration, allowing the physician to make better decisions.

3,5/100 people are suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementias

These diseases have complex symptomatology and are misdiagnosed in 80% of the cases.

The need we still have to meet nowadays

The medical image analysis in clinical routine remains eminently visual due to the lack of tools designed for the clinical routine.

Our solution: IQBrain is an automated medical image processing tool integrated into an online platform. Its one-click analysis allows integration of advanced quantification techniques in the clinical routine.

  • PET/RM fusion
  • Atlas-basedanalysis
  • Voxel-by-voxel comparison
  • No need of software installation or updates

How does IQBrain work?

IQBrain is a fast, simple and intuitive online platform that enables the nuclear physician to obtain obtain medical image quantification reports in just a few minutes.

Drag and drop

Fast upload of PET/MR images, totally secure.

Image co-registration

IQ-Brain co-registers all the images provided by the user for an optimal visual analysis.

Image Quantification

The image is quantified both in an atlas-based approach and using a voxel-by-voxel comparison against a database of healthy subjects.


Browse and evaluate images online, or just download the PDF report to share with your colleagues.

Work as a team

Our Report

In addition to the online visualization of the results, IQ-Brain provides with a comprehensive report containing all the visual and quantitative information.

  • Ideal for attaching to the clinical file
  • Accessible in the cloud.
  • Share it with your colleagues and improve your teamwork

Daily used

IQBrain is routinely used at the University Hospital in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). To date more than 400 patiens have been analyzed. So far, IQBrain has enabled detection of around 20% of misdiagnostics.

Custom Development

Our team has acknowledged experience in the development and application of medical image quantification algorithms to support medical research.

Tell us about your case and we will study your needs. We will shortly come back to you with a proposal fitting your budget.

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