Neurocloud PET, Our solution for brain PET quantification

Neurocloud PET is an online tool designed to complement the visual analysis of PET images, assisting the physician and improving diagnostic accuracy. Our software supports the diagnosis by automatizing quantitative PET analysis and PET/MRI co-registration, allowing the physician to make better decisions.

What does Neurocloud-PET offer?

Neurocloud PET is an fully automatic medical image processing tool integrated into an online platform. Its one-click analysis allows integration of advanced quantification techniques in the clinical routine.

  • Automatic PET / RM image fusion
  • Analysis based on anatomical atlases
  • Parametric statistical analysis (SPM) voxel-by-voxel
  • Online image viewer that can layer different layers of information for a more thorough examination

How does Neurocloud PET work?

Neurocloud Pet is a fast, simple and intuitive online platform allowing nuclear medicine physicians to obtain medical image quantification reports in just a few minutes.

Drag and Drop

Fast upload of PET/MR images, totally secure.

Image co-registration

Neurocloud PET co-registers all the images provided by the user for an optimal visual analysis.

Image quantification

The image is quantified both in an atlas-based approach and using a voxel-by-voxel comparison against a database of healthy subjects.


In 5 minutes the doctor can evaluate the results online and get a complete report attached to the medical history


Take advantage of our cloud based service. Access wherever you are, whenever you want. Review your cases from home or work. Do everything from whichever device you have at hand.


Share your cases with your peers so they too get the most out of your analysis.

Technical assistance

Although Neurocloud-PET is very easy to use, the Qubiotech team provides you with the assistance you need to make Neurocloud one more tool in your day-to-day life.

Help for the daily routine

Our report

In addition to the online visualization of the results, IQ-Brain provides with a comprehensive report containing all the visual and quantitative information.

  • Ideal for attaching to the clinical file
  • Accessible online.
  • Share it with your colleagues and improve your teamwork

Used daily

Neurocloud-PET is already used in several hospitals (including the University Hospital Complex of Santiago de Compostela and Clinic Hospital of Barcelona). The quantification is clinically validated and has the CE marking so that you can incorporate your information into your diagnostic report

Report example

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