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The comprehensive solution for advanced neuroimaging processing available to your practitioners


Neurocloud is the space where increased neuroimaging processing and teamwork come together.

Neurocloud increases the efficiency and productivity of your resources, maximizing the diagnostic security and facilitating the optimization of workflows.

Advantages Neurocloud


  • Reduction of false negatives (20% average according to medical literature)*
  • Less need for second opinions
  • Facilitates the unification of criteria for requesting image tests


  • The false negatives mean:
    • Incessantly duplicating imaging tests when the disease is more advanced
    • Loss of therapeutic window
    • Contribute to waiting lists


  • Reduced time between image acquisition and reporting
  • Better time planning
  • Increased productivity and life span of scanners


  • 50% time saving for image reporting (15 min** to 7 min) in high value test (URV)
  • Scanners can operate 24/7 without the image report bottleneck


  • Reduction of waiting lists
  • Quantitative monitoring of disease evolution
  • Since no contracts are needed, MRIs can be performed on kidney patients


  • Halving the waiting time
  • Improved planning and evaluation of drug spending effectiveness
  • Gd contrast saving (150-200 euro/dose)
  • Possibility of developing new care services

* Radiology image perception and observer performance: how does expertise and clinical information alter interpretation Stroke detection explored through eye-tracking. Cooper et al, 2009. Medical Imaging 2009
** Unidad asistencial de Diagnóstico por la Imagen. Estándares y Recomendaciones de Calidad. Ministerio de Salud, 2013

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