Qubiotech Health Intelligence expands capital to include Servicio Movil in its shareholding

"The entry of Servicio Movil in our shareholding is very significant and has a clear vocation of permanence", assures Daniel Fernández Mosquera, general manager of Qubiotech. "This commitment by a leading Galician company in health logistics strengthens our project and will allow us to continue developing our R&D portfolio, supporting our commercial expansion in Spain and in third countries and strengthening the company's human team", assures the CEO of Qubiotech.

Neurocloud currently houses three fully automated algorithms for quantifying medical images (PET, SPECT and Magnetic Resonance) that allow in just a few minutes the identification of abnormal brain areas where doctors can focus their attention, thus reducing subjectivity in the interpretation of the image and facilitating early detection and monitoring of neurodegenerative pathologies. A study conducted at the University Hospital Complex of Santiago de Compostela (CHUS) determined that the use of Neurocloud can improve diagnosis in 25 percent of cases analyzed. To date Neurocloud has been presented in more than fifty hospitals in Spain and Portugal with great acceptance and clients already in the portfolio.

Qubiotech's R&D strategy for 2018-2021 is focused on the development of the Neurocloud ecosystem. The company intends to "evolve the current detection tools until the development of a clinical decision support system based on artificial intelligence techniques that incorporate new image biomarkers for diseases such as epilepsy, dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease", according to Daniel Fernández Mosquera.

Written by José Manuel the 03/07/2019