Startups R: Qubiotech Health Intelligence, software at the service of medicine

Startups R: Qubiotech Health Intelligence, software at the service of medicine

Startups de R Qubiotech

We continue to know the stories behind the R startup program. Our goal is to promote the growth of recent Galician technology companies. And today we enter at Qubiotech Health Intelligence to tell us about the development of software for analysis and processing of medical images.

Qubiotech's mission is to develop innovative products that convert advanced medical imaging research into useful tools that facilitate daily clinical practice.

To contextualise, neuroimage is the technique most used for the diagnosis of neurological diseases such as parkininson, different dementias such as Alzheimer's, or epilepsy. This Coruña biotech company intends to improve the future of all. And his CEO, Daniel Fernández Mosquera, tell us how.

– How did the idea of deepening medical image research come about?

Qubiotech is a startup based in A Coruña, dedicated to the development and commercialization of new techno-informatics post-processing tools and medical image analysis aimed at clinical practice, with the aim of improving the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.

The company is constituted on December 19, 2014, from the transfer of an algorithm developed by the Research Group in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Image of the Foundation Institute for Health Research of Santiago de Compostela, associated to the Nuclear Medicine Service of the University Hospital of Santiago of Compostela, and transferred to the company..

– What benefits does it offer?

Neurocloud is an online platform dedicated to medical image processing as an aid in the diagnosis of neurological diseases. It is a tool for immediate, daily and accessible use, to incorporate the quantification of images in the diagnostic routine. Image analysis is fully automatic, it does not require learning or additional resources to obtain the result and has the CE marking that enables its use as a health product.

– Tell us about how the Neurocloud online platform works

Neurocloud processes in the cloud the images acquired with any PET scanner, SPECT, RM and TAC in a totally safe way since the images are anonymized during the upload process to the platform. In a few minutes offers to the doctor the results of quantitative analysis and the location of the abnormal areas of the patient's brain thanks to the comparison with databases of healthy individuals.

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– What welcome do you have between medical personnel and researchers?

We have been presenting Neurocloud-PET for a year in the Nuclear Medicine services of Spanish and Portuguese hospitals and the reception is very positive. In general, visiting doctors emphasize the simplicity of their use and the clinical utility of having tools that help them locate areas of abnormal brain functioning.

“The visiting doctors emphasize the simplicity of its use and the clinical utility that has it to have tools that help them to locate areas of abnormal functioning of the brain.”

– What are your next challenges?

We are currently opening a round of financing to market Neurocloud in Europe and EE. UU. In addition, we have several lines of R & D in motion with functional prototypes that incorporate technologies of deep learning, which will allow us to offer services of greater clinical value, such as the systems of support to the decision.

– What was the hardest in this way?

Everything is difficult when it comes to introducing an innovative product in such a regulated and slow environment as regards the changes like the hospitals. However, I would emphasize the difficulty of getting a team like what we have and implementing and maintaining quality and development procedures as demanding as those required for the development of healthcare products.

– What was the reason to join the R startups program?

The possibility of being in the orbit of a company so indicated as R is always an incentive to participate in programs of this type, besides having telecommunication services in a free way always helps startups, which we always look for in a way to reduce costs.

– What have you approached the program so far?

The telecommunications services we need for a company with a high degree of R & D such as ours.

From here we wish you great luck because your work is a great help for everyone


Written by José Manuel the 05/10/2018