A new version of Neurocloud was released by Qubiotech

Neurocloud┬┤s new version includes the following improvements:

New features:

  • Fusion of PET/CT images. Now you can upload images of TAC or RMI for anatomical support, and its fusion with PET images.

  • It also incorporates the anatomical AAL atlas, being able to choose between this atlas and the Hammersmith atlas.

  • You can choose between 1.5 SD, 2 SD or 3 SD to determine the ROIs that show significant differences with respect to the normal ones.

  • The report now has a greater number of cuts, including a color scale, for review.

  • You can choose the anatomical atlas, the views and the values to create the report in PDF.
  • You can add comments to the report in PDF.

Easier than ever:

  • To upload the images it is no longer necessary to select all the images, it is enough to select the folder where the case is stored.